The PM has no chance of getting her flawed Brexit ‘deal’ through the House of Commons when the vote comes on Tuesday 11th December. It is the worst of all world and she has gone about the negotiations in the worst way conceivable. Her isolation, stubborn political stupidity and the fact that she has totally alienated almost everyone in all Tory Brexit factions and has ignored and abused anyone from other political parties in the Commons who disagree with her (i.e. everyone) has doomed her deal to defeat.

PM Announces 11th Dec for "Meaningful" Parliament Vote on Brexit Deal

The PM has announced that the "meaningful" vote on the Brexit deal will be on 11th December in parliament preceded by 5 days of debate. ⬇️⬇️ We do not yet know the full details or consequences that will flow from the outcome, but this vote will change the future of our country forever.I have been clear that I won’t support her so called deal but I want to know whether you think I am right.I am your voice in Parliament but I want to hear what you think. Click the link in the comments below ⬇️ to fill in my Brexit Survey.

Posted by Maria Eagle MP on Tuesday, November 27, 2018

She has singlehandedly fixed the parameters of the deal (her red lines) by pandering to the most extreme Brexiteer voices in her Party. She did this to keep her job as PM. As a consequence, she painted herself into a corner from which there is no Brexit that does not catastrophically impact in our economy and jobs. This was after she triggered A50 as part of her 2017 general election strategy of “crushing the saboteurs” (i.e. anyone who disagreed with extreme Brexit) Her election strategy backfired so badly that she lost her Commons majority.

Having set a time limited process in train (Triggering A50) with no plan for an outcome, she spent most of the next two years literally negotiating with her own Cabinet and Parliamentary Party to get a “deal” that would not split the Tory Party. Her deal is only with her own Cabinet and even that is horrendously split. She has never consulted opposition Parties or Parliament in any meaningful way but has just demanded that MPs do what she says. Even the DUP, whom she did consult, complain that she simply doesn’t listen – and she needs them to keep her failing Government in office. Even though her Cabinet finally agreed her deal, with some Brexiteer resignations, the deal is a dud.

The NIESR has calculated that it will cost the UK £100billion a year by 2030 or £1000 a year for every family. Many families in Garston and Halewood are already in severe poverty as a result of the vicious cuts and austerity imposed by the LibDemTories and Tory Governments. After a decade of stagnant wages and cuts, my constituents just cannot cope with the economic dislocation that will be caused by this deal. I will be voting against it as will the Labour Party in Parliament.

The House of Commons will not allow no deal – even worse and much desired by extreme Brexiteers to go ahead either. After the PMs deal goes down, it is hard to see how the PM can survive but even if she does try and stagger on, that is the time we should call a motion of no confidence and try and get rid of the Tories by engineering a General Election. If we cannot achieve that, we must get a People’s Vote with the best option for the UK – staying in the EU on the ballot paper.

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