After the difficulties the PM faced last year, coughing and spluttering her way through her conference speech, it was hard to imagine how this years speech could possibly be worse. It was deluded instead.

The fact that her appalling robotic “dancing” to a 70’s hit was the highlight says it all. She spent most of her speech attacking the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn. This just emphasised how bereft of ideas her divided and warring Party is.

The PM announced an end to austerity but it is continuing for most ordinary people. The reality of what the Lib DemTory Government and the Tory Governments since have done since 2010 is that National Debt is at its highest level ever and LibDemTory austerity has not achieved its stated goal. The suffering of millions of people in this country, the slashing of local Government budgets and an NHS in crisis have all been in pursuit of a political objective to shrink the state, not an economic necessity as they suggested.

On Brexit Mrs May made it clear that she will continue along disastrous path she has chosen. Her own party is at war over Brexit and the Tories have no clear plan for what kind of deal they want. They have spent two years arguing with each other and faffing around like idiots to the detriment of our standing abroad and to the embarrassment of sensible people in the UK. This was exemplified in Boris Johnson’s speech the day before which encouraged Tory members to “chuck chequers”.  EU officials have already rejected most of her proposed deal and it is obvious that many Tories are preparing for a no-deal Brexit because they are incapable of negotiating competently. This will cause untold damage to the UK economy. I will never support Brexit, I support my constituents, the majority of whom voted to remain in the EU.

Overall what we saw from Tory Party Conference was a party divided. The hard-line brexiteers are trying desperately to control the party and are succeeding in pushing the Government towards crashing out of the EU with no deal at all. The sooner we have a general election and an opportunity to vote out this awful, incompetent Conservative Government the better. If we can’t get that, we must have a People’s Vote on the terms of the deal.

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