The September sitting of the House of Commons will be crucial when it comes to Brexit. Both the Trade Bill and the Customs Bill, due to return to the House of Commons before the Conference recess are crucial to the Tory plans.

There is no majority for what half the Tory Cabinet want – to crash the UK out of the EU with no deal and no-one really supports the PMs half-baked “Chequers Deal” though those remaining in the Cabinet are all pretending they do. Labour must use these Bills as a chance to inflict as many serious defeats as possible on the Government’s Brexit plans, plans that will impoverish the UK if they are carried through. That is why the PM has been chased around Africa by journalists, even refusing to say whether she thinks her plans will lead to The UK being better off. It will make us worse off and she knows it – that’s why she refuses to answer the question.

Meanwhile, half the Cabinet and the Tory hardline ERG MPs actually want us to crash out of the EU with no deal. Liam Fox puts the chances of that at 60%. They are seeking to destabilise the PM and plan to replace her with a brexiteer as early as Tory Party Conference but not later that when Article 50 is due to expire next March. That is why UKIP, Aaron banks and Leave.EU are all trying to join the Tory Party. Where is consideration of the national interest and the prospects for ordinary people in all this? Nowhere. This amoral appalling incompetent Government must go.

A no deal exit will cost the UK up to £80billion a year just in extra borrowing according to the Government’s own estimates – Theresa May won’t talk about that either, saying it won’t be so bad. Well, it will be very bad for my constituents here in Garston and Halewood and most of the rest of the Country too.

The Tories are willing to destroy the UKs economy, weakened as it already is after eight years of austerity. They seem to care more about staying in office at all costs than the prospects of the ordinary people of the UK. They have said they will not consider giving people a vote on the deal they come up with after negotiations. This has to be wrong, particularly given the widespread lying, manipulation and cheating funded by dark money and hidden actors revealed by the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the findings by the Electoral Commission that Vote Leave broke the law quite deliberately and quite extensively during the referendum campaign.

There are increasing calls within the Labour Party for us to commit to a vote on the final deal. Members will know that I support this. Our position at present does not rule this out and I expect there will be a lot of discussion at our Conference in Liverpool. Our affiliated trades unions are also increasingly coming to support this position.

I do not believe that we should walk into a catastrophic hardline EU exit, of a kind not advocated by Leave campaigners during the referendum, without the people getting to decide if the details are acceptable.

After eight years of devastating Tory austerity, our public services, our economy and our people cannot cope with the horrendous job losses, shrinking economy and poverty that will be unleashed by such a policy. This is not what Leave voters were voting for and it is certainly not what remain voters were voting for in the 2016 referendum. The consequences for our prospects as a nation would be terrible and I do not believe they should be inflicted on Britain without another vote in advance.

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